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Wives World ~ Depression Isn’t Biblical

Depression keeps creeping into the Body of Christ at mach one speed.  Trouble is for pastor’s wives or Christian women in general there is a lot of shame and fear surrounding the issue of depression.  Biblically, depression is usually referred to in the context of sin.  Cain was “downcast in his soul” after slaying his brother. David was weak in spirit after slaying his lover’s husband.  WOW!  The inferring scriptures indicate that depression is only a symptom of some horrible travesty.

For this reason…depression is sin…many pastor’s wives are forced to hide their depression.  They simply must put on a bright and happy face or there will be ramifications for their husbands’ career and or job.  I am reminded of the pastors’ wife that called me…whispering…to me about her depression.  As I reviewed symptoms of depression she answered yes to everyone.  When I asked her if she’d shared her depression with anyone, she said of course not.  Not even my husband knows.  He is with a mega-church.  He could lose his job.

I am amazed!  There is only one thing worse than suffering from depression.  That would be having to hide it.  Hiding it actually makes it worse. Biblically, what do we do with depression?  Well, I don’t think the answer is to hide it out of fear and shame.  There has to be a better way, given that most surveys show that at least one or two times a year, 88% of pastor’s wives admit a bout of depression.  Something is wrong with this picture!


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