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Wives World ~ Those Annoying Splinters

Part of working with women is listening to their stories.  Much of their stories include the disappointments and incredible pain from their marriage.  It is good to have a safe place to be able to purge the pain.  It is good to have a non-judging person listen and acknowledge the pain of the relationship.  I love being this person for women with incredibly distressed marriages.

Ultimately though we have to look at our own contributions and our own “stuff.”  It so much easier to talk about others shortcomings, but in the end it is our own hearts we have to examine.  There are so many husbands walking around with splinters in their eyes…I am surprised they have any vision at all.

When women are able to examine their own logs…myself included…the healing and responsibility for my own actions comes.  It helps to focus on our logs awhile as this is the only way change in the relationship will happen.  We all have logs.  We all have splinters.  We are all a mess.  WOW!  Good thing we have a Savior!



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