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Wives World ~ “How Shall I Know for Certain?”

It’s a new week.  On this Monday morning we are all facing struggles, challenges, impossibilities.  It is annoying that God hasn’t written in stone that this week will be “the week” that all my problems get settled.  Well, I suppose that would be true if this is the week that He decides to send a bus to hit me and take me to heaven.

Unless this happens though,  I am forced to trust in His Sovereignity.  How many of us really believe that it is God’s perfect Will for marriages to be healed, children to come back to the Lord, adult children to find jobs or even for our own personal health to improve.?  The truth is that without faith it is impossible…impossible to please God, impossible for Him to work in His perfect timing all the things that concern us.

I am reminded of Zacharias…John the Baptist’s father.  God actually silenced him for asking the question, “How shall I know for certain?”  Wow, I am supposing questioning that God has a plan for us that He WILL bring to pass in His perfect timing and perfect way is not something God likes us to do.

Deep inside my innermost being today, I simply MUST trust that TODAY, MONDAY of all days, God has orchestrated all that needs to happen in my life.  I mustn’t question that He has done this for me already before I walk out the door to battle.  In lieu of being silenced for questioning, I will choose to trust that God is who He says He is.  My circumstances pale in comparison to how BIG my God is.  I will rest in this today. I challenge you to do the same.


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