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Wives World ~ “Mean People in Ministry”

I am amazed at pastors’ wives and other women in ministry who have to deal with mean-spirited people.  Being in this place of responding to others who are upset at either your husband or you is so hard.  You know you are being examined in every way about how you are going to react.  Of course you are expected to respond in a loving way to such abuse…which is what I’m calling it.

I do not think this is what Jesus’ wants for Christian leaders…to be the “whipping post”… for vile from those who are disappointed with us or our husbands.  While we are not to get pulled into the drama of it all, we are also not to receive the “green stuff” (what I call it…a word picture for slime) into our own hearts.

After a vicious, unloving attack we should remove ourselves from the line of fire and look at the situation truthfully.  Putting truth to bear on any attack helps you not receive it into your heart.  You can pray, “show me the truth of this situation. ”  Knowing the truth, such as” this person is sick and wounded and took out their pain on me”  will help you maintain your balance and not be wounded yourself from a mean-spirited “Christian”.


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