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Wives World ~ What Women Want

Everyday I work with women of all sizes, shapes, stature, financial positions, married, single…on and on.  What is the common longing of the heart for these hurting women?  It’s a question a popular movie some years back tried to answer.  As a matter of fact it’s the question that the male population has been asking since well literally the beginning of time.  Can’t you just imagine Adam throwing up his hands in frustration? “Good grief, Eve!  I ate the fruit and you’re still not happy. Now you want me to find you a fig leaf.  What else will it take to please you?”

What do women want?  Women want to be heard.  They want to know that someone is listening to their heart.  Trouble is, for a people group whose biggest desire to be heard it is odd the ways we go about showing it.  We throw 1,000’s of words at an overwhelmed guy expecting him to hear every single word.  Little do we know that the average guy can only process about ten words at a time. (Not because he isn’t brilliant, but because of his single-focusing brain).  Or we have this pattern.  We shrug our shoulders and walk off.  This non-verbal means “you’re not hearing me…you’re not listening to me.”  Of course the slamming doors also are a huge signal that a woman wants her heart to be listened to.  In reality, who wants to go towards a slamming door with open arms?

I try to help women understand these dysfunctional communication styles.  But mostly I help them “be heard.”  Both by my listening ears and heart and also by the One Man who always listens, never leaves, never disappoints.  Did you know the word NEVER in Greek, means a double negative NO.  It’s twice the power of NO.  So Jesus will twice the power of NO not listen to our heart.  I think this is the starting place.  Gaining confidence in our hearts by knowing He listens to us will help us navigate the times when others in our life don’t hear us.Image


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